Knott Jacks and Stands - Trailer Jockey Wheel NZ

The unique features of the European Knott Jacks and Stands are the solutions to customer frustrations with inferior Asian products. For example, the unique handle design is for superior grip in all conditions and advanced 4 bolt pivot mechanism is for extra strength, it will not fatigue and bend like single pin systems. Add Knott to your trailer in complete confidence that you will have a trouble-free experience! At affordable prices, you'll be sure to find one that best suits your needs.

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6" Topwind 2 Bolt Jockey Wheel
6" Topwind Jockey Wheel
8" Sidewind Jockey Wheel
8" Sidewind 2 Bolt Jockey Wheel
8" Heavy Duty Sidewind Jockey Wheel
8" Heavy Duty Sidewind 2 Bolt Jockey Wheel
1100kg Corner Steady Galvanised
2 Bolt Swivel Sidewind Parking Jack
2 Bolt Swivel Topwind Parking Jack
900kg Topwind Parking Jack Pin Type Bolt
NEW! 8" Heavy Duty Sidewind Jockey Wheel
Knott Corner Steady Drop Down Steel Foot Galv. 900kg
Knott Parking Jack 2700kg Sidewind