Our Milestones

  • 1937

    Foundation of MKE by Valentin Knot

  • 1953

    Axles for agricultural trailers

  • 1954

    Industrial brakes for agricultural tractors and fork lift trucks

  • 1957

    MKE produces the “Messerschmitt cabin scooter“

  • 1975

    Treadway was established (previously known as Importco). Est by Douglas Bill as Whangarei Importing Co. A wholesale division of bicycle and mower retailing family business.

  • 1978

    Valentin Knott Junior takes over the management (current owner of the company)

  • 1982

    Foundation of Autoflex by H.Szabo & his friend

    Production plant in a house basement

    Production area 48m2.

    Imports from Asia and Europe prove popular and require larger premises and staff.

  • 1988

    New Premises in Onerahi Whangarei and industrial and Road wheels, tyres and rims added to the range.

  • 1989

    Investor from Netherlands, joint venture.

    Investment: molding-, bending- and press machines

    The plant outgrows the house basement therefore moves into a new place, 2 barns. Production area 1000m2.

  • 1992

    New plant: construction in the Heliport- Technik- Park

    Painting room in an Ikarus bus

    Technical drawings, copied with ammonium chloride, stored on corridors

    Shipping of the steel construction from Russia Production area: 5000m2

  • 1994

    Partnership with Knott GmbH, foundation of Autoflex-Knott Ltd, joint-venture.

    Entry ino the Western-European markets

    Mounting axles with Knott brakes Beginning of a dynamic development

  • 1994-2012

    Global expansion: foundation of daughter companies and factories in the world

  • 2012

    30th Anniversary of Autoflex
    75th Anniversary of Knott GmbH

    Whangarei importing co rebrands to Treadway Ltd and move into agricultural components to complement wheel assemblies. Proves successful.

  • 2013-2017

    Treadway secures German Knott Agency for trailer components and doubles the size of its bulk store.

  • 2015

    Bulk store built to cater for increased wheel volume to manufacturers across all markets.

  • 2014-2018

    Treadway joined the journey with Knott Autoflex!

    Treadway Factory Visit to Knott in 2016 & 2017

    Selling on Knott products to Asia Pacific and continue to expand their range of products on the market

    First shipment of Knott into Australia in 2016