Trailer 1 7/8" Coupling and Brake System 3.5T Knott Tandem Cable/drum

Trailer Brake Kit NZ

Kit includes:
  • 1 & 7/8" or 50mm Coupling Braked
  • 4 x Mechanical Drum Brakes
  • Brake cables, balancing bar & cable holder
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
  • Wheel options available

The benefits:
  • Fully tested brake and coupling set with Knott compatibility report provided
  • Sealed for life cartridge bearings with users getting over 100,000 + kms
  • No troublesome electronics or electrics so it can be towed with any suitably rated vehicle
  • Very simple servicing as there are no hydraulics, saving hours of downtime
  • Exceptional mileage from the factory brake pads extending service intervals. Fully factory certified to UN ECE Reg.13. Fast becoming NZ contractors preferred trailer brake system, therefore these systems offer a real opportunity to NZ trailer manufacturers. Incorporate them into your range and compete with European imports while watching your sales and profits grow.
  • With exceptional Braking Power from Europe’s brake experts, we assure your customers will never look back.